nFiniti is an innovative regulatory payment processing platform that is ideal for online financial services platforms and marketplaces looking to launch or scale their business.

nFiniti's technology can be easily integrated with your existing systems enabling you to rapidly deploy payment processing capabilities on your platform.

Receive Payments

Take multi-currency payments from a number of sources including Debit / Credit cards, Direct Debit and bank transfers

Customise Payment

Customise complex payment flows according to your business needs with our intuitive cloud based dashboard

Manage eWallets

Easily and securely receive, hold and manage funds in segregated user e-Wallets for as long as your business needs

Cash Out

Remit funds domestically and internationally in a large number of currencies


nFiniti’s cost effective solution significantly reduces the financial, compliance and administrative burden of running a regulated business model. With nFiniti powering your platform you can:

Get To Market Quicker

nFiniti’s competitive pricing, market leading capabilities (including escrow and custodial) and streamlined tech integration gives you more time to develop and accelerate your product or service

Save Cost

Building and operating a regulated payment infrastructure is expensive. nFiniti’s simple payment structure means that you only pay for what you use and you benefit from economies of scale as you grow

Reduce Administration

nFiniti’s intuitive dashboard gives you all the tools you need to manage your client base in real time. nFiniti can integrate with your CRM and accounting tools to seamlessly produce the reports your business requires


Use nFiniti to power your business across a wide range of industry sectors.


Peer-to-Peer Lending


Private Equity, Venture Capital & Brokers

Real Estate

Wealth Management

Private / Public Trading



Secure Payment Processing

Securely and quickly accept multi-currency payments from a variety of sources

Customisable Payment Flows

Design payment flows according to your business and client needs

Escrow / Client Money

Create eWallets for users and securely hold funds for as long as is needed

KYC and AML Checks

Complete background checks on customers according to regulatory requirements

Dashboard Account Management

Check and manage client transactions in real-time through a cloud based dashboard

Custodial Services

Hold shares and other financial instruments on behalf of your clients through a Nominee


nFiniti provides a secure REST API endpoint so that you can seamlessly integrate with your website or app. A full sandbox enables you to test your solution before handling real money.

Click below to request access to our developer documentation and to setup a sandbox account.


Our pricing is straightforward and transparent. nFiniti is free to setup, fees are charged as a small percentage of the volume transacted and are based on the method of payment.

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